About Us

Connecting People to Create a Better World

The YES Connection is focused on bringing people together by increasing their ability to relate and communicate effectively.  We provide training and coaching to individuals and groups.  Online training and coaching is available for individuals and groups.  We offer flexible and personalized coaching to appeal to people around the world.

Carole Hodges

Carole Hodges

Carole Hodges is the founder of The YES Connection.  Carole has a life-long fascination with human motivation.  She has studied numerous disciplines which have provided her with a well rounded approach to communication.  She has coached entrepreneurs since 2003.  Her background in business management and systems, telecommunications, sales and marketing enable her to set context when working with individuals and teams.

Carole’s education includes:

  • Degree in English Literature/Philosophy from Mount St. Mary’s College
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming from the University of Excellence
  • Results Coach Certification from the University of Excellence
  • Master of DISC from PeopleSmart Solutions
  • PAX training in masculine and feminine communication
  • Platform Skill training from Chris Howard, Peak Potentials and Clinton Swaine
  • Toastmasters International – Distinguished Toastmaster DTM
  • Money & You by Excellerated

Additional mentors and courses include:  Clinton Swaine, Harv Eker, Chris Howard, Eric Lofholm, Bill Walsh, Allison Armstrong, Rori Raye,  Paul Lemberg, Mari Smith, Daven Michaels, Beejal Parmar, Brand U, Lori Morgan Ferrero and many more.